Yamhill County is the governing body for YC Transit. The Yamhill County Commissioners are the Board of Directors for YC Transit. This link will take you to the Yamhill County Website for full details and summaries of the Board of Directors.

The Transit Development Plan was adopted by the YC Transit Board of Directors and the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners on October 18, 2018.

Below are links to the documents for viewing and/or download.

TDP Volume I

TDP Appendices

Service AlertSERVICE ALERT: Routes 5 & 7
We will be reinstating Newberg routes 5&7 starting Monday 11/15/21, bringing us back to full service.
Service AlertSERVICE ALERT: Routes 5 & 7
Temporary Service Reduction of Routes 5 & 7 starting Wednesday 9/8/21 until further notice.
Newberg dial 503-538-7433 to schedule a Dial-a-Ride for essential service.
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