Show the driver your pass or pay your fare when you come on board. Please be careful entering and exiting the bus.

Be considerate. Use music and game players and other electronic devices with headphones. All animals must ride in closed carriers, except service animals.  Do not put your feet on the seats.

Be generous. Offer your seat to another passenger who may need it more than you.

Be neat. No smoking, chewing tobacco, spitting, eating or drinking on the bus. And please don’t litter.

Watch your stuff. Each rider may bring up to 3 items with a maximum weight of 40 pounds each. You are responsible for your own carry-on items and should store them under your seat, out of the aisle and other passengers’ way. Carts, carriages, and strollers must be folded prior to boarding and remain folded until after de-boarding.

Stay in your seat. Or hold on to something secure if seating room is not available and the bus has handholds for standing passengers. Stand behind safety line. Do not stand in door wells.

Follow the driver’s instructions. Please don’t distract the driver while driving. Inform the driver of any problems or concerns when the bus has stopped. Disruptive and/or offensive behavior or language will result in removal from the bus at the sole discretion of the driver. No firearms or other weapons permitted on bus. No flammable or explosive materials or substances on bus.

Please be careful entering and exiting the bus. Exit using the rear door when possible.


CONDUCT ON THE BUS YC Transit may refuse to provide service to an individual who engages in violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal conduct, or represents a direct threat to the health or safety of others. YC Transit shall NOT refuse to provide service to an individual with disabilities solely because the individual’s disability results in appearance or involuntary behavior that may offend, annoy, or inconvenience employees of the entity or other persons.



Route 5 & 7 - Newberg and Saturday Routes 22 and 44 are suspended until further notice.
To schedule weekend Dial-a-Ride service, please call (503) 474-4900 (McMinnville) or (503) 538-7433 (Newberg).

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